The PDF Reader for Academics

Whether you're a student, teacher, researcher, or just someone who likes to learn, Kitab makes reading your textbooks easier than ever

Special items need a special place

Your textbooks are filled with equations, diagrams and tables. Keep them right next to you so that when your textbooks refer to them you don’t need to ruin your mouse scrolling.

Keep track of what's important

Some parts of your textbook are more important than others. Highlight them and add comments so that you remember what you need to.

Bookmarks designed for you

Solving end of the chapter exercises is an important part of learning. It also involves a lot of moving back and forth between questions and answers. Our bookmarks make this a breeze and even move with you as you progress through your exercises.

Misaligned pages are a thing of the past

Hate not landing on the page you were looking for? We did too. With Kitab, you’ll find yourself jumping to the right page every single time

Dark mode

Easier on your eyes, cooler at parties.